Hi awesome Clowns,

What a wonderful Clowns Capers! Tecumseh Shriners and wives can be proud of what we pulled off on April 21st, 2018. Everything ran smoothly. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made it such a success. In talking with some of the participants, we made a big difference in their lives, and that is what Shriners and clowning is about. Well done!

Jay Jay wanted me to extend his gratitude to our club and our Shrine Centre for what was done to make this event possible. He thoroughly enjoyed the day and his stay in Toronto. Sharon and I found him to be a wonderful guest. He is hoping that we clowns can attend the mid-winter ISCA event in February which his club is hosting. I plan on attending. It will be from Wed. through Sat.. We would be staying at the Hilton right next door to the facility. On the Wed., they plan on visiting the Shriners Hospital. Of coarse, more info will come in future ISCA issues.

Thanks again. Now we can enjoy this nice spring weather.

Bob (Topsy)

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