The world’s oldest and largest fraternal organization. Today, there are more than four million Masons worldwide, and some two million in North America. They come from every walk of life, from many religions and many diverse ideologies. All believe in the existence of a Supreme Being and meet as friends and brothers, in peace and harmony. This is one of the great fascinations of Masonry and one of its great strengths.

What is Freemasonry?
Dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man, Freemasonry’s singular purpose is to make good men better. Not better than someone else, but better within themselves. Masonry teaches that each person has an obligation to make a difference for good.
Freemasonry is kindness in the home, honesty in business, courtesy in society, fairness in work, concern for the unfortunate and respect for one another.


Is Masonry a secret society?
No! It does have some modes of recognition, but most Masons do not hide their membership, or where and when they meet.

What else?
Masonry’s strength is in helping people. Every day in North America, Masons donate over two million dollars to charitable causes. In Ontario the Masonic Family donates in excess of three million dollars annually.
This is the commitment to humanity that Masons hold so dear. Most of this funding goes to those who are not Masons.  Shriners operate the largest network of hospitals in North America for burned and orthopaedically impaired children, free of charge. The Scottish Rite Masons maintain a network of some 150 Childhood Language Disorder Clinics, Centres, and Programmes.

Other members of the Masonic Family sponsor a variety of philanthropies, including scholarship and bursary programmes. Masons perform a variety of public service activities in their community.

What are the qualifications to join Freemasonry?
Masonry is a philosophy for life In simple terms, Masonry is primarily an educational institution teaching a moral way of life and an ethical code of behaviour based on the Golden Rule: “always do to others what you would have others do to you.” Through a disciplined and systematic course of self-improvement a Mason endeavours to become a ‘better man’- self exploration, self discovery, self-analysis, self-realization, and self-fulfilment. Masonry caters to the intellectual and spiritual needs of the individual by pointing a man in the right direction, and the helping to guide his way in his quest for greatness, deeper insight and fuller understanding, relief, truth and brotherly love.

Men who are 21 years of age, good morals and sound judgement, to be a Mason you must ask a Mason first. We do not actively solicit.